We are a friendly ladies’
four part harmony chorus
singing in the style of
acapella, looking for
new members.

Come and try us out!

Orton Wistow
Community Centre

Contact us on
01733 234698
So - if you love to sing, feel free to either come along and listen any Tuesday evening or send an email to: deanafoot36@yahoo.com for further information. We love to welcome new members! Our chorus is a friendly group who share a love of vocal harmonies - and you DON'T need to be able to read music or be musically trained. There are four parts in harmony singing and the Chorus Director decides which part is appropriate for your voice.
What we offer:
• Sound track links
• Sheet music
• Singing buddies
• Small group practices
• Coaching
• Outfits for rehearsals and Sing Outs
• Opportunities to sing at events including those for charity
• Fun, laughter and a cup of tea and a biscuit
• Monthly subscriptions currently £13
Tenors sing the higher notes

Leads sing the melody and are generally mid range

A similar range to Leads and they harmonise with the other parts

Basses sing the lower notes and maintain the rhythm of the song.

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